Alexandra Schafer

Art et bien être ou l'art d'être bien


Atelier • Alexandra Schafer • Sur carro 81727 Corpataux • Switzerland

Alexandra Schafer

„Since a very early age, I knew I would one day create beautiful things. I was constantly drawing, painting, decorating or creating fashion accessories.“ For the artist and textile designer Alexandra Schafer it soon became clear that she had an artistic talent. Throughout her career, she never stopped to develop. Painting, pottery, photography, sewing, sculpture… she explored everything or almost everything.

Her passion? Colors and motives are at the fundament of her creations. Throughout her creative process, the harmony of colors and the dialogs of motives are as important as simple words. Her style shows different influences: an interesting mix of mischief, surrealism, sensuousness and elegance. When she is in the process of creating something, Alexandra does not feel as if she were at work, rather she has the irresistible urge to explore her inner life and give life to her visions and ideas. Alexandra’s work recounts with much acuteness pieces of her own life and sheds light on different aspects of her personality.

„The inspiration is within me. There is an inexhaustible source of visions within.“ Alexandra’s visions allow one’s mind and soul to open up and to set a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

Alexandra admits: „I want to leave a trace.“

She wants her artwork not only to exist in its original form, the collages, but in other domains as well, such as stationary supplies, interior decoration and fashion. This free-lance artist also creates unique works of art according to clients’ wishes or especially for exhibitions.

Alexandra is an inventor of fantastic scenes, which she invites us to share with her.


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